Inside The Limitless Life Of Nelson Boyce


Nelson Boyce is the Director of Agency Business Development at Google. In his role he is responsible for designing and implementing partnership initiatives, negotiating large scale complex deals spanning media and platforms.

LLC: What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

NB: Check the weather for the day and browse through my emails on my cell phone.

LLC: What’s your favorite thing to eat that gives you energy?

NB: Some type of Kale salad or a piece of dark chocolate.

LLC: How often do you squeeze a workout into your life? What's your favorite form of exercise?

NB: I try to get in two workouts a week with treadmill running or stationary bike riding being the exercise of choice.

LLC: Tell us about your relationship with your smart phone? Do you ever shut it off?

NB: It’s never off though I try to set time barriers around its use, and yes, it sits right next to my bed.

LLC: How do you deal with email?

NB: I get over 200 emails a day, I prioritize them based on what action I may or may not need to take and by EOD I seek to have 0 unread emails. I also take the train to and from work and try to get out as many of them as I can.

LLC: What is your secret productivity tip?

NB: Aside from delegation it’s always to do the most critical of things first and to cut out distractions.

LLC: What’s your favorite technology or app that helps you stay organized?

NB: Google docs…I simply keep a running to do list and I update it everyday…it also is an easy way to look back to see the things I’ve accomplished.

LLC: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

NB: Whatever you’re doing at the moment, always seek to be the best at it.

LLC: What song lifts you up in any situation and makes you feel limitless?

NB: “Don’t Stop till you get Enough” - Michael Jackson

LLC: Share a quote that helps you stay grounded …

NB: “There are two types of people in the world - those that say “I can” and those that say “I can’t” and you know what? - they’re both right.

LLC: Name a book that changed your life and why?

NB: Oh The Places You Will Go - Dr. Suess

LLC: What is your philosophy for dealing with failure and overcoming obstacles in life?

NB: It is only through failure that you can truly recognize and enjoy success. Failure is part of the journey.

LLC: What's your best tip for balancing work, family and personal relationships?

NB: You have to set barriers…as a starting point, identify “one simple thing” that you intend to do (e.g.. I won’t look at or answer emails after 8p) and stick to it.

LLC: What is your definition of a limitless life?

NB: A limitless life is one where you acknowledge that the toughest boundaries that exist are the ones you most likely create for yourself and you decide to change it.

LLC: What is your spirit animal?

NB: No idea what this means.

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