Inside The Limitless Life Of Lauren Lake!


Lauren Lake is an Attorney, TV judge, Designer & Host of the Limitless Living Conference

LLC: What's the first thing you do after getting out of bed in the morning?

LL: I read my daily Word and thank the Lord for another day. I give myself a few minutes to meditate on the day and the Limitless possibilities that lie ahead. I make my bed then I check on my son in his room. I give him a good morning hug and kiss. I quickly check emails then I'm off to the shower and usually to workout.

LLC: What’s your favorite thing to eat that gives you energy?

LL: An apple or banana with peanut butter.

LLC: How often do you squeeze a workout into your life? What's your favorite form of exercise?

LL: I aim to workout 4-5 days per week. I prefer to workout in the mornings but that depends on my day and travel schedule. I love to do Core Power Yoga Sculpt, Soulcycle and hiking. I also try to get in 30 minutes of weight training at least three times a week.

However, I've been known to fall completely off of this regiment when I get very busy. When I do, I have to remind myself that it's ok to make "me" a priority and I start all over again.

LLC: Tell us about your relationship with your smart phone? Do you ever shut it off? Do you sleep with it next to your bed?

LL: I have a love/hate relationship with my phone. I sleep with it right next to my bed on silent. I used to sleep with it on but when I'm on the West Coast, it starts ringing at 4am because East Coast people could care less that it's still the middle of the night somewhere LOL!!

I have a rule. In the mornings, I am not allowed to check emails or any kind of social media until I've read my bible verse/chapter and my daily meditations. I make a conscious effort to fill my mind and spirit with the Word of God before I take on anyone else's energy. I think about what I am grateful for. This helps me approach my day with a Limitless mindset.

LLC: How do you manage your email?

LL: I have seven different email accounts. They are organized based upon the nature of the communication i.e. business, bookings, personal, legal, general, etc. I get so many emails each day it is overwhelming.
I only check them at designated times through the day. I had to do this because returning emails really slowed down my productivity and my peace. I no longer feel obliged to return an email immediately unless it is an emergency or time sensitive. I've also learned to delegate and now allow members of my team to help, as well.
At the beginning of the year I purged thousands of emails. I just couldn't start the new year with it hanging over my head. It felt like baggage. It felt so good to reset.

LLC: What is your secret productivity tip?

LL: I am much more productive when I workout and when I get at least 6 hours of sleep. As a mom, I've learned that I have to get in at least 4 hours of work while my son is sleep. I usually wake up two hours before he does and stay up at night and do a little more work after he goes to bed. When you are a mom, your day can change on a dime. Unexpected pick-up or drop-off, school supplies errand, spontaneous trip for ice cream. I want to have time to enjoy my son, attend his sporting events and read with him before bed, so I make it up by working early mornings and late nights.

LLC: What’s your favorite technology or app that helps you stay organized?

LL: I am not "techy" at all. I still write my daily to-do lists on a sheet of paper. It works for me. I do use the Calendar app on my iPhone. I like being able to share a calendar with my team so that everyone can be on one page. It makes scheduling travel and appearances much easier. I also have a separate calendar for all of my son's school/sports activities and personal appointments.

I have my assistant create a color-coded excel sheet outlining my month. I like to know which tasks need to be completed immediately, by the end of the week or within 30-60 day period.

LLC: What’s the best advice you’ve ever been given?

From my Mom: Don't ever expect to be rewarded for excellence. You should strive for it and require it of yourself for yourself everyday. Don't sweat the small stuff.

LLC: What song lifts you up in any situation and makes you feel limitless?

LL:My song, "Limitless Anthem", Sounds of Blackness "Optimistic", Yolanda Adams "In the Midst of it All", Kurt Carr "For Every Mountain."

LLC: Share a quote that helps you stay grounded …

LL: From my dad: "Don't pretend to be what you don't intend to be."

LLC: Name a book that changed your life and why?

LL: Personal: The Bible because it teaches me the Word of God and encourages me to live life limitlessly. It tells me that "I am more than a conqueror" and that "I can do all things through Christ." It has inspiration for every situation.

Business: Think and Grow Rich: A Black Choice by Dennis Kimbro. Timeless daily inspiration and lessons for entrepreneurs. I've been reading it for over 15 years. I started reading the daily messages when I studied for the bar exam. It has helped grow my business mind and my business. Each time I read it I find new ways to apply it.

LLC: What is your philosophy for dealing with failure and overcoming obstacles in life?

LL: Every loss is lesson. Learn from it, move on or move through it. Ask yourself each day "Why be ordinary when extraordinary is an option?" Take an extraordinary approach to every situation by asking yourself what is it there to teach you?

LLC: What's your best tip for balancing work, family and personal relationships?

LL: Prioritize. Prioritize. Prioritize. Make time for the people you love because they fill your cup. Don't be afraid to set parameters and boundaries with work. I don't take work calls after 7pm so I can enjoy dinner with my son, do homework and read before bed. This year I said I was going to take some type of trip every 90 days. Even if it's just a weekend getaway. I went 8 years without a vacation and I said I would never neglect myself like that again.

LLC: What is your definition of a limitless life?

LL: It means thinking and living outside the box. It means embracing, growing, and showing the world my multi-faceted God-given gifts. It means not being afraid to take center stage in your life and shine bright. Never letting anyone and anything dim your light. It means giving yourself permission to reinvent over and over again. Limitless Living is about overcoming each and every obstacle that comes your way and pursuing your passions and dreams relentlessly and unapologetically.

LLC: What's your spirit animal?

LL: Lion for courage, leadership and strength and zebra for individuality, instinct and survival.

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