Inside The Limitless Life Of Dr. Karmetria Burton!


Dr. Karmetria Burton is the director of global supplier diversity and sustainability at Delta Air Lines.

LLC: What is your definition of a limitless life?

KB: Living a life of authenticity, giving back, showing up and being intentional, serving, leading with love and knowing the Power of Other!

LLC: What’s the first thing you do when you get out of bed?

KB: Pray for clarity, direction and covering. Breathe, to get the oxygen to my brain and body. Stretch- to wake up my body for the day. Meditate, clear my head and thoughts and usher in light and positive thoughts.

LLC: What’s your favorite thing to eat that gives you energy?

KB: Green tea! Green tea has anti-oxidants the body needs for energy and mental clarity.

LLC: How often do you squeeze a workout into your life? What’s your favorite form?

KB: I don’t squeeze in a work it- I am INTENTIONAL about a healthy lifestyle. I work out about 4 days a week with a trainer. Kick boxing is my favorite. It allows me to de stress while toning.

LLC: Tell us about your relationship with your smart phone? Do you shut it off? Do you sleep with it next to your bed?

KB: Its pretty dysfunctional! Lol I rely on it for everything! It’s the way I stay connected. It is a necessary evil. I have; however, created “no phone zones” when something needs my attention. Spending time with family, meetings, or my “me time” are all “no phone zones”. It is never turned off; however, I have placed it in the drawer and only check it a few times a day if I need to focus on something.

LLC: How do you deal with email?

KB: Responsiveness is key to me. I check emails all day and respond instantly if I have the info needed. If not, I always provide a courtesy response of “I have received this, let me get back to you”. Email jail is no fun. Staying on top of email will eliminate hours of going back and trying to catch up and it shortens your to do list.

LLC: What's your secret productivity tip?

KB: Eat the elephant first. Knock out big projects, those things you dread doing, or that demand a big chunk of your time. Say NO. I always ask, “ IS this an opportunity or a distraction” If it’s a distraction, It doesn’t get done. Delegate because there is power in it!

LLC: What technology or app was a game changer for you?

KB: An app called Sloth. It allows you to time your activities.

LLC: What's the best advice you’ve ever been given?

KB: The rent we pay on earth is serving others.

LLC: What song(s) make you feel limitless?

KB: Jill Scott- Living my life like its Golden, Mary J Blige- Fine, Mary Mary- It’s the God in me

LLC: Share a quote that helps you stay grounded ..

KB: Stay hungry but humble.

LLC: Share a book that changed your life ..

KB: The bible

LLC: What is your philosophy for dealing with failure and overcoming obstacles?

KB: Turn your failures into opportunities. Trust the process, not now, does not mean NO!

LLC: What is your best life/work balance tip?

KB: Work life balance is a myth. I believe in prioritizing. Organize your life into 3-4 main buckets. And again, ask yourself is this an “opportunity or a distraction?”

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