Limitless Living Conference

The Limitless Living Conference examines the unique challenges professional women and single moms of color face in their personal lives and the workplace. Limitless Living sessions will emphasize the realities of single parenthood, entrepreneurship, corporate politics, changing business trends, management techniques and diversity.

This action-packed conference is a unique opportunity for women at the top of their careers, thinking about starting a business or raising a family as a single woman to network, share experiences, and learn proven life changing strategies and actionable solutions.


      WHAT IS Sustainability, Diversity & Inclusion?


      How can sustainability support the goals of diversity & inclusion in LA business community?


      How Do We Measure Gender Equality?EDIT HEADEREDIT HEADEREDIT HEADER

      Gender equality is measured by looking at the representation of men and of women in a range of roles. A number of international comparative gender equality indices have been prepared and these offer a way to compare Ireland’s achievements with those of other countries. Each index looks at a distinct list of parameters and the choice of parameters affects the outcome for each country.


      HOW DO YOU DeveloPE people, products and practices to ensure sustainable systems and infrastructure Gender Inequality?

      Gender equity is the process of being fair to women and men. To ensure fairness, strategies and measures must often be available to compensate for women’s historical and social disadvantages that prevent women and men from otherwise operating on a level playing field.

      Equity leads to equality. Gender equality requires equal enjoyment by women and men of socially-valued goods, opportunities, resources and rewards. Where gender inequality exists, it is generally women who are excluded or disadvantaged in relation to decision-making and access to economic and social resources. Therefore a critical aspect of promoting gender equality is the empowerment of women, with a focus on identifying and redressing power imbalances and giving women more autonomy to manage their own lives.

      Gender equality does not mean that men and women become the same; only that access to opportunities and life changes is neither dependent on, nor constrained by, their sex. Achieving gender equality requires women’s empowerment to ensure that decision-making at private and public levels, and access to resources are no longer weighted in men’s favor, so that both women and men can fully participate as equal partners in productive and reproductive life. MORE  

                                                                                                             –United Nations Population Fund


      How to use sustainability goals to create equal opportunities for female leadership in the C-Suite and on company boards of directors.



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