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THE LIMITLESS LIVING CONFERENCE (LLC) -  A 1.5 day event catered to multi-cultural, working women, and moms who want to achieve limitless growth within their lives and business. There is no better time than now to be your own boss.  Women are the fastest growing group of entrepreneurs in the U.S. and the opportunities are truly limitless!   Join the movement of entrepreneurship at the Limitless Living Conference.  Whether you are a small business owner, someone considering taking the leap, or a mom with a great idea; LLC will provide you with actionable solutions that you can use immediately in your life and business.


1. Learn how to apply the limitless living mindset in life, love, family and business.

2. Attend personalized workshops, panels and keynote speeches designed to inspire you to tap into your gifts and expand your skill set in all areas of your life. Get meaningful perks and swag.

3. Meet dynamic business and cultural influencers, lifestyle experts and best-selling authors who will help you learn, leverage and launch your limitless life and business.

4. Learn how to turn a business concept into a business plan. Get fresh, actionable tips on how to market a business with a small budget, craft your pitch and create lasting revenue. Discover how to determine your break even point or when to expand your business.

5. Leverage the power of social media and learn the latest in content creation for your brand.

6. Raise your personal profile by networking with brands in person.  Put names to faces, create stronger relationships and build community.

7. Meet and learn from women who understand the day-to-day struggles and successes of balancing life, work  and a growing business.

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